Photoquai Photocall

Hong Kong's Avenue of Stars is based on the same principle as the famous Walk of Fame in Hollywood: a sidewalk covered with the handprints and signatures of local movie celebrities. Here, between the waterfront and the Tsim Sha Tsui promenade, tourists from the Chinese mainland love to have their photos taken in triumphant "I was here" poses. Luisa Dörr and Navin Kala's visit, though, was socio-anthropological about selfies. To know more about this series:…/photogra…/luisa-dorr-navin-kalaen/
This Saturday, Camille Batier took pictures of #Photoquai visitors to immortalize this moment. They all pick one word to give her their vision of #Wearefamily. Watch the Photoquai 2015 family panorama.


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