Homo homini lupus #Genosaurs

Homo homini lupus est is a Latin phrase meaning "man is a wolf to [his fellow] man." First attested in Plautus' Asinaria (195 BC, "lupus est homo homini"), the phrase is sometimes translated as "man is man's wolf", which can be interpreted to mean that man preys upon man. It is widely referenced when discussing the horrors of which humans are capable.

On the ocassion of the Armenian Genocide Centennial, I have been commissioned to express my own graphic vison of the Genocide concept. The concept and project has been possible thanks to the kind cooperation of mister Karen Mirzoyan, Frank Kalero and Ashot Snkhchyan. The numbers expressed in this collection might vary considerably depending in the institution making the counting.

The images have been copied on photo film, and printed afterwards following the antique cyanotype process. Printed on hand made paper, at my old friend Kumar laboratory in Benares. After the copy is dry, I ad layers of ink with the silkscreen process.

You can learn more about what The Yerevan friends are doing with the work here:


  1. I am interested in why you have omitted Iraq from Saddam Hussein?

    1. http://4.bp.blogspot.com/-O7o1hXMaKOI/VSY2lhtWRbI/AAAAAAAABFI/uy9GvrSnXEo/s1600/Genosaurs-Armenian-Genocide-Centenial---Navin-Kala-Saddam.jpg


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