Vitiis nemo sine nascitur

Vitiis nemo sine nascitur ( No-one is born without faults) is a project that plays with the Google algorithm for image search. By placing iconic war images, and finding all the images visually related. The power of photojournalism and human cruelty next to the aesthetic aspects that makes an image what it is: color, composition, framing, texture, density. By decomposing and decontextualize all the emotional reaction that we feel when confronted to one of this images in simple formal aspects we transform the message in basic visual stimulation. 
But basically, and more important,  making a link between the first world standards of life and the suffering in the rest of the world. The social stability in one side is build on mass suffering in the other.  No-one is born without faults. For every little aspect of our life there’s a direct link with a far away place that is somehow politically, cultural o economically struggling in order to deliver to others high standards of life. From an iphone, to an engagement ring, from a cheap pound of bananas, to a chocolate bar. Most of the daily rituals in modern life are feed with someones pain. 



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