Like a Yak on the Beach

Navain Kala and Brazilian photographer Luisa Dörr, are working together on this photographic project. Analyzing how the new Indian medium class is trying to adopt the leisure patterns from western countries. In the mountains around Manali, Indian Himalayas, hundreds of cars and buses are arriving every day, loaded with tourist, looking for the snow. Almost all of them are seeing the snow for the first time. There´s plenty of artificial outdoor activities, horse riding, skiing, paraglading, quad riding… most of them are just taking few minutes, not enough to get a fulfilling experience but enough to make a Facebook picture that will be the prove of the great time. They will rent the winter suits on the road, on the way to the mountains, with colorful designs and patterns, also the boots and the skis, very old stuff, not even second hand, simply trash bought to Europe or the States. This is the type of late second hand leisure my dear Indian brothers and sisters are having.


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