Sri Yantra

Yantra is the Sanskrit word for "instrument".

Because I'm not ready for enlightenment I made this "real" version to help the poor in spirit to reach Sadhaka with out any effort.

Used in the highest levels of Tantric ritual, through the mental construction of the complex geometrical model and its visualization. Once built, mentally, the yogi will gradually dissolve it. The yantras are built inside to outside or outside to inside.The yogi achieves complete identification with the figure to the point of no difference if the Yantra is within or is he who enters the Yantra.
If done successfully, this exercise will catapult the practitioner into pure consciousness (sadhaka), beyond the distinction between subject and object.

Download the file and play it as a loop in quicktime or similar, with headphones and after smoking a joint of Cannabis Indica.

A dot, or bindu, represents the starting point of creation or the infinite. The şaţkoņa composed of a balance between:

-An upwards triangle denoting action (or service), extroversion, masculinity or Shiva
-A downwards triangle denoting introversion, meditativeness, goddess energy or Shakti.


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