Where do chickens come from

Chickens are in all format and shapes, at the supermarket, they are disembodied, there´s no trace of life at all. I have been buying chicken all my life, with out the feeling that that use to be a living being before reaching the market. I never felt guilty for feeding myself with a dead body.
The other day I went to buy a chicken, a fresh one, first time. I was able to chose the victim, and they killed right in front of me. Just in that moment I was aware, for the first time, of the meaning of eating dead animals. They suffer, they bleed, they die.
Is not about becoming vegetarian, it's about being aware of the value of not being vegetarian.
I believe that you must be able to kill the animal you want to eat, and kill it if you can. Only then you´ll have the right to be carnivore, otherwise you´ll only be a coward eating the dead bodies that some one else killed.


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